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SkillMaster VR — Learn Meditation

SkillMaster VR — Learn Meditation is the first meditation app that allows you to learn meditation in VR by visualizing your breath in real time. It’s a Virtual Reality experience built specifically to help you meditate by using your game controller to track your breath.

A lot of people think meditation is hard.  It doesn’t have to be!  Just starting out meditating?  Learning to meditate starts with what you choose as your meditation object — the focal point of your meditation.  We think that the most powerful meditation object you can use is your breath!

Your breath connects your mind and body.  When you are focused on your breath, you are able to just watch thoughts come & go.  Meditation isn’t about stopping your thoughts or emotion.  It’s about calming your body and your mind by learning to observe your thoughts.

SkillMaster VR — Learn Meditation does the hard work of keeping you focused and on track with your meditation!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Find a place where you won’t be distracted for 5 to 10 minutes.  Sit in a comfortable seated or cross-legged position.  
  2. Launch the app and select a level.
  3. All you have to do is sit and watch your breath.  Your mind may start to wander, BreathWork helps keep you focused.
  4. BreathWork will visualize your breath for you.  Sometimes focusing on the breath might be easy.  Other times it’ll be hard.  The trick is to stay with it.
  5. We’ll provide you prompts and reminders to let you know when we’re you’re off track.  

Training our mind is about changing our relationship with our passing thoughts and feelings.  BreathWork is designed to gently judge you back on course when your mind begins to wander.  

Sit back, relax, and zen out in SkillMaster VR — Learn Meditation today!

Check it out on Steam.